xfce 4.4.0 packages for ubuntu edgy and dapper (SimplyMEPIS 6.0)

Due to lack of the native Ubuntu edgy and dapper packages of xfce 4.4.0, I manually rebuilded them from Ubuntu feisty reposiory. I also rebuilded (only for edgy) from feisty xubuntu-desktop package and relatives, cos it handles additional dependencys, not mentioned in current xubuntu in edgy. Thus these packages works good for me, I can not give any guaranties, and I’am not responsible for any possible harm. If you still interested in xfce upgrade, you can use my repository. Just add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list for edgy:

deb http://ubuntu.tolero.org/ edgy xfce-4-4-0
deb-src http://ubuntu.tolero.org/ edgy xfce-4-4-0

Or that lines if you’re running dapper (simply mepis 6.0):

deb http://ubuntu.tolero.org/ dapper xfce-4-4-0
deb-src http://ubuntu.tolero.org/ dapper xfce-4-4-0

And then at your favorite package manager do update and upgrade if you are already using xfce4, or update and install xubuntu-desktop if you’re setting it at first. I truely hope that everything will pass well, as in my case, but if shit happens, I’am always open for help.

I’am also recommend to install a thunar-volman package, plugin which automaticaly mounts a removable media devices, which makes a use of xubuntu desktop powered by xfce4 more comfortable.

PS: If you found this info useful don’t mind to place link to this post from your resource (blog, forum, e t. c.) with title like “xfce 4.4.0 for ubuntu edgy and dapper packages”. Let’s help others to find a solution.

Update 02-feb-2007: repository moved from the Russian servet at http://tech.tolero.org/ubuntu/ to the US server at http://ubuntu.tolero.org/. Please update your /etc/apt/sources.list if you are already subscribed.


  1. LinuxTOY says:

    Xfce 4.4.0 for Ubuntu Edgy Eft…

    Xfce 在上月底发布了 4.4.0 版,新版本的改进十分突出。可能有朋友已经用上了这个版本。这里我向使用 Ubuntu Edgy Eft 的朋友推荐一个可直接安装 Xfce 4.4.0 的源。

  2. mysticmike says:

    Does the menu editor work?
    Or is there an easier way to fix that problem ?

  3. Tolero says:

    Do you mean ‘Applications’ menu? The menu editor is working, but the behavior in ubuntu is different from expected. In ubuntu it can only edit items added exactly by XFCE 4.4.0. All other ubuntu elements in XFCE 4.4.0 menu are known as ‘external’, and can not be edited.

  4. c0de says:

    Is it possible, someone create a repository for Dapper? I would be very pleased to see Xfce 4.4 for my Dapper-installation… :(

  5. Lyosha says:


    Dapper’s main selling point is stability. Edgy’s main selling point is new toys. These Xfce 4.4 packages are unofficial, therefore could be even less stable on Edgy than the official ones, and even more so on Dapper. So upgrading to Edgy might be a much safer way to use Xfce 4.4 (Beta 2 or these packages) than backporting them to Dapper (which was a bigger change to Edgy than Edgy to Feisty).

  6. the idealist says:

    after installation on xubuntu edgy, terminal makes xfce restart. cannot open a terminal window. how do fix this?

  7. Tolero says:

    @the idealist Says:
    What is your video card? Is it ATI? And does the beryl (compiz) installed? Even if not, does the transparency is switched on in terminal settings? I suppose this can be because of try to display terminal transparancy with a 3D videocard.

  8. the idealist says:

    my computer is an old vaio laptop…graphic card forget it.
    is there a way to turn that off or even uninstall it, cause it seems too heave for my cpu.

  9. Tolero says:

    @the idealist
    There is a file ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc, which contains a xfce4-terminal settings. Find and set the background parameter to look as this:

  10. the idealist says:

    Cant find the terminal file… I’m running xubuntu edgy by hte way.
    Reinstalled xfce4-terminal and solved the problem.

  11. jarav says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t find any option for choosing a xfce session in the menu after installing xubuntu-desktop. Only the old gnome session exists.

  12. Tolero says:

    Check for existance of /usr/share/xsessions/xfce4.desktop file. That is the configuration file which adds xfce4 session to the gdm login screen. This file is the part of xfce4-utils package. And the xubuntu-desktop has dependency on the xfce4-utils.

  13. jarav says:

    Thanks. My installation was on an external usb hard disk and for some reason the apt timestamps were all wrong. After I rebooted, everything was ok. Even with the antique GeForce4 Mx 440 graphics card that i have, the transparency effects of xfce4.4 are awesome.

  14. Ryan Lane says:

    Tolero — you rock! Thanks for the 4.4 packages…just what I was looking for.

  15. Mily says:

    Thanks a lot for the dapper packages!
    I have been seeking them since stable 4.40 came out.
    These packages work pretty well on my computer.
    Great work!

  16. needcoffee says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your packages with us, i use your Edgy repository. I notice two thinks that won’t work for me. First one is, that i can’t set margins for the screen and the second is that the “hidden options” don’t work. The margins are not importantly, but the options. The problem is, i would like to disable the function for moving windows with alt+mousebutton, because i need this combination in inkscape :) Do you know how to fix this?

    cheers and thanks

  17. Tolero says:

    You can switch off window moving with ‘Alt’ key through the xfce settings manager. You can change it under “Window manager” -> “Accessibility” section.

  18. needcoffee says:

    Thank you for the fast response, but i don’t have this option. There is just the option for moving the windows with key combinations like “schift+alt+ctrl+left” etc., nothing there with “alt+Mousebutton”. I mean this option:


    Add this line to your xfwm4rc file if you want to exclude hidden windows from the list presented when using the Alt+Tab shortcut.” http://www.xfce.org/documentation/4.2/manuals/xfwm4#hidden_options

  19. needcoffee says:

    Ups, sorry. I mean this:


    Add this line to your xfwm4rc file if you want to disable the ability to move and resize windows using the Alt button + mouse click shortcut.”

  20. aasche says:

    My personal short term test: now running for 5 days on 4.4.0 and everything, really everything is working as expected (ok – it’s a stable release of xfce :) . No negative side effects (on my more or less customized Dapper system), and at least one Dapper bug is gone (button text in settings manager).

    This unofficial release fills a big gap in desktop experience on Xubuntu Dapper. If we want to conquer old-fashioned desktops (and people) with Gnu/Linux, we need a wastebasket and easy floppy access which Dapper lacks.

    Keep on the good work and greets from Germany!

  21. Dwen says:

    Great work mate, appreciate it greatly.

  22. Mr Andresson says:

    Great work on the package. I installed xfce 4.4 on ubuntu 6.10 and it work like a charm! I only have some problems when compiling the goodies from the xfce website. It seems the xfce4-panel-1.0.pc (and more?) file is missing in the pkgconfig dir, so pkgconfig does not now about the panel library. Could you please fix this?

  23. Tolero says:

    These packages are from feisty, so all what is in feisty are here without changes. This is for a safe upgrade to a feisty in future.

    The file xfce4-panel-1.0.pc is included in xfce4-panel-dev package, but is named as libxfce4panel-1.0.pc. To comply with xfce googies requirements just do a symlink on that file:

    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libxfce4panel-1.0.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig/xfce4-panel-1.0.pc

  24. wh0rd says:

    Hey thanks for the xfce 4.4.0 repositories. They worked like a charm. xfce terminal now has true transparency!!! Again thanks for taking the time out to do this!

  25. lisux says:

    Thanks for these great packages.
    Now I cn have VFCE 4.4 in my dapper box.
    One think I am having problems with is with thunar-volman.
    Ican mount and CD/DVD device as with gnome but with USB stick devices is impossibles.
    When I plug in the stick the icon appears in the desktop but no thunar window with the stick contents appears, and even worse, If I try to right click on the icon to manually mount the device I get an “Impossible to mount ….: Unknown Error”
    I have disabled the gnome-volumne-manager and activated thunat volume manager to do the tests.
    Somebody having the same problem?

  26. sodoff says:


    I.m having the exact same problem, is there any solution in sight?

  27. sodoff says:

    i have solved my problmes. I just had to set the access path to the mounting point, Used the disks tool

  28. tom says:

    I’ve been running these on edgy since I found this site. The only problem I had is with xfburn, that was solved by installing the prior (dapper) version. It appears to pass “speed=” on the command lin causing cdrecord to blow up. I haven’t looked into the cause or if a fix is out yet.

  29. wh0rd says:

    You know what would be awesome. If we got xfce 4.4.1 packages.

  30. Neostar says:

    Yea I want to know the same, if they will be updated to 4.4.1. Also any chance of having x.org 7.2 backported as it has 3D acceleration drivers for those old S3 savage on-board graphics cards. As the main problem is ubuntu 7.04 is too heavy for old laptops, it would be nice to have this option on dapper.

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