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Yet another regular expression to parse URL

I needed an expression which can separate directory and file parts from URL. So, here it is:


It extracts four URL parts: protocol://domain/directory/fileWithParams

It can be used in Perl this way:

my $url = "";
my ($proto, $domain, $dir, $file) = ($url =~ m{^(https?)://([.0-9a-zA-Z-]+)(/?.*?)([^/]*)$});
print “$proto|$domain|$dir|$file\n”;

And will print: http||/directory/|file?parameters

Here is the same in C++ using boost_regex:

string url = "";
regex expr("(https?)://([.0-9a-zA-Z-]+)(/?.*?)([^/]*)");
smatch match;
if (regex_match(url, match, expr)) {
    string proto = match[1], domain = match[2], dir = match[3], file = match[4];
    cout << proto << '|' << domain << '|' << dir << '|' << file << cout;